Make money on your online self

Pluss turns your digital footprint into money

This is Pluss

Shopping, Youtube, Instagram. Whatever you do online, you leave traces behind. And that means others make money from your data. Pluss redraws the map. We help you take control of your digital footprint. We create a profile of the data that already exists about you - you choose the information you want to share. Then you are paired with brands that you like and that want to reach you.

Does that sound like matchmaking? That is exactly what it is.

How to make money
You get an offer, for example, to buy goods for 300 SEK from a company, but only pay 200 SEK for them. You can use the offer both online and in store.

You only receive offers
from companies that we deem fit your profile. You choose whether to say yes or no. All data that you share with us stays here. We will never share it with anyone.

Maybe you are wondering
how Pluss makes money We do not mind telling that.Only when we have created a match between you and a brand, and you have also taken advantage of your offer, do we make money. And the company pays, not you. Win – win – win.

Does that sound like matchmaking? That's exactly what it is.

This is us and that is why we exist

We believe that you, who share a lot of information about yourself online, are the one that should be in the driver's seat. We like that our users can make money on their own data and at the same time shop smarter.Our long-term goal is to fundamentally change the way companies and individuals meet in the digital market.

Pluss was founded in 2020 by Eivind Skibenes, Anna Nygren, Juan Francisco Calderon and Magnus Häggström. They have previously workedfor Facebook, scale-up companies, and the Nordic region's largest media groups. Pluss has financial support from both private investors and Innovation Norway.

How Pluss works?

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money on your already existing digital footprint? Yes? We think so too! That is why we created Pluss. This is how it works:

1Get started!

Sign up to Pluss, and follow the steps to connect your Pluss profile to the digital services you already use.

2It's a match!

When your profile matches with a reward, we will notify you with an SMS. To take up the reward, redeem the offer in the app.

3Redeem your reward!

The Pluss card will be added to a Pluss wallet and is ready for you to redeem whenever you want. And should you change your mind about your Pluss offer, you can simply return it. In Pluss, we will always offer a 365 days money back policy.


Are you the next Pluss Partner? Our new colleague? A journalist? Or just curious about what we do?

We are happy to tell you more, so get in touch. The easiest way to reach us is at

Do you want to be part of a revolution?

It may sound excessively confident, but we are proud to have started a movement that changes the balance of power and gives our users control over their personal data. At the same time, we are fundamentally changing the way individuals and companies meet online.

That is why we are constantly looking for new talent for those who want to work with us and share our values, our CASA:
We Care, We Act, We Smile, We Analyse.


Do you want to know more about Pluss and what we do? Our FAQ hopefully give you the answers you need.

  • Why should I trust Pluss?

    Because you are in control. As a member of Pluss, we get access to your data, but it is still you who owns it. That you give us that trust, allows us to create a profile. It is used so that companies that you like, and that also want to reach you, can meet in a smarter and simpler way. You choose how much data you want to give Pluss access to, and you can easily change the settings. We will also never share your data. In addition, you decide which offers you accept. The business model of Pluss is based on matchmaking that works. We only make money when you have used your offer and are satisfied. Therefore, you can trust that we will not spam you.

  • Where can I find my offers?

    On your Pluss account you will find them under 'My Offers'. Also, you do not have to keep track there all the time, but will receive notices. Right now we offer an open beta version. In the future, it will look different. How? We do not know right now, but we are constantly working to ensure that you can use Pluss as smoothly as possible.

  • Why do I get offers instead of money in the account?

    We believe that offers strengthen the bond between you and the brands thatwant to reach you. Thus, we are constantly evolving and welcome your ideas for improvements.

  • Can I withdraw an offer from Pluss?

    Yes, as long as you have not taken advantage of the offer, you can of course make a repurchase. Each offer expires after a certain time. If you have not used it before the end date, your money will be refunded automatically. For us at Pluss, the most important thing is that it becomes a perfect match between you and the company.